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Root canal treatments

Tooth contains three layers enamel, dentin, pulp.

Tooth contains three layers enamel, dentin, pulp. Enamel and dentin are hard and pulp is a soft tissue which contains nerves and blood vessels. pulp is very sensitive tissue, when infection reaches pulp pain will occur. Root canal treatment is a procedure where infected pulp is removed from the tooth and is filled with stronger materials.  Root canal treatment is necessary to save your tooth.

Why tooth will get infected
Tooth gets infected because of many reasons , it may be due to decay, chipped/broken tooth, trauma. When the infection is not treated earlier it will reach the apex and causes abscess , sometimes it will spread into other areas leading to more severe consequences.

Is a crown really necessary after root canal treatment
after root canal treatment tooth becomes brittle and moreover because of cavity made for access during root canal treatment tooth becomes weak little more. To restore the tooth natural anatomy and to make it stronger for normal functioning crown is really necessary


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